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A Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is hired to dine or shop at a particular restaurant or store as a typical customer. He or she is reimbursed for certain expenses and paid a fee for doing the shop. The reimbursement is different for each client and will be detailed with each assignment.

A mystery shopper is given a specific time period to visit a particular location. There are always specific instructions for each assignment and an individual form for that assignment. The mystery shopper visits the establishment as a typical customer and reports back using the form for that client.  

An Instant Reply Mystery Shopper MAY NOT be a relative or friend of any staff member or employee of the client being shopped.  If the shopper is assigned a new mystery shop in a location where a friend or relative is employed, the shopper MUST DECLINE THE SHOP.

When we have a client in a mystery shopper’s area, we will contact that shopper with all the details of the assignment including dates, times, specific instructions, reimbursement and all pertinent information. If the shopper chooses to accept the assignment, he/she goes to the location and gets the required information. The shopper then fills in the form on this site and submits it (within 12 hours). The shopper is reimbursed for the agreed-upon amount and paid a fee. Reimbursement checks are mailed every other Friday.

We like to have as many shoppers in our database as we can, so when we have a client in a specific area, we have shoppers ready to go! So, sign up and tell all your friends!

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